Friday, October 24, 2008

Download updated

apologies for the broken link in the last post -- it's updated and functioning again.


whooguy said...

First of all... Thank you soooo much for this plug-in. It's going to help me move forward with my home automation project.

NOTE TO NOVICE COMPUTER USERS - People who are unfamiliar with computers should know that the latest version of HomeSeer 2 installs to a different directory than is hard coded in the installer. Navigate to the correct location by clicking the browse button next to the automatically filled in directory.

FlavioErnesto said...

The link is broken... :( Could you fix? Thank you!

Jay Smith said...

Just found out about iPhone for HS2 over at Cocoontech. However, D/L link is 404.
Thanks, Jay

Jay Smith said...

Found it on HST forum.

shadowspydre said...

Need the link fixed please! Thanks.

BanSpotter said...

Wow, this works great! Far better than having to pay $200 for the HStouch, and then the price for the iPhone app on top of that.

Very nice work on the interface!!!